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It is a different process when you try to change the icons of system files and folders in Mac OS X. But when you do it with an application specially built for the same, things become lot easier. The same is about LiteIcon which helps you change the system icons in Mac OS X.

LiteIcon application for mac helps you change every kind of system icon which is divided into 4 categories within itself –

  • General Icons – The general ones like Desktop, Delete, Library, Burn, Movies, Music, Pictures and the main things that you generally use and see in the toolbar in the hard drive of the mac.
  • Folder Icons – Various folders like Applications, Utilities, System, Downloads, Documents, Music folder, Movies folder etc.
  • Devices Icons – Various devices that are/or can be attached to the mac.
  • Dock items Icons – Dashboard, Finder, Empty and filled Trash, Widget etc. which you find on the mac dock.

And there are few other files/folders whose icons can be replaced or changed. You also have an option to preview the icons by right clicking on them.

liteicon main

Here is how you can change the icon, or restore the old icons –

  • Simply drag an icon onto the one you want to change, click the Apply Changes button and restart the Finder to see the modifications. That’s it.
  • To restore an icon, right-click it and pick Restore. To restore all icons to their originals, go to File -> Restore all icons.

liteicon folders
liteicon dock items

Downloading and installation is very easy like many other apps, just dragging the application to the Applications folder.
You can download the LiteIcon application from one of the following links –
Download LiteIcon Mac Application Link 1 – For Leopard Version.
Download LiteIcon Mac Application Link 2 – Alternate link for Mac Leopard.
Download LiteIcon for Mac Tiger

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