Chax application for features in iChat for Mac Leopard

chax applicationChax is a great plug-in for the application iChat, it does many things, but some of the most popular features are showing status changes, built-in log viewer, and an activity log.

Chax helps your great instant messing application become even better, once you install the plug-in, you will never want to go back. Also installation is incredibly easy. You go to the Chax website, download the installer, and when that is downloaded, all you need to do is open the installer and chax will do all the hard work for you.

Chax is really easy to use, you will notice the differences in iChat immediately when open it. No, iChat will not look different or anything, but there are more options. You have more flexibility when you are instant messaging; you can set preferences to do things for you like go away and accept files. Then you can set the preferences to log all of your chat sessions. So maybe you want to keep a conversation to read later, you can do that.

Maybe you do not like the extra plug-ins that Chax has to offer. Well that is ok because it is also easy to remove them from your iChat application. All you need to do is open up your installer, and instead of clicking on install, you click on remove. This will remove all of the plug-in’s that Chax has installed for you.

So after reviewing the plug-in’s in Chax, I would recommend this to anybody. These are great plug-in’s that anybody can use, and many people want to see in iChat.


  1. mm.. nice info..
    i will try this plugin..

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