Check for application updates in Mac OS X – App Update Widget

app updateOnce earlier, i had mentioned about Version tracker mac application for finding updates to your applications and softwares that you find for Mac OS X. But that app can also eat up much disk space and so you can use a better software in the form of a dashboard widget which can easily detect the updates for your mac applications, and let you know from where the update can be done.

Its called App Update and its a widget for your mac dashboard(press F12 to open dashboard in mac), and its a small file of about 400 Kb in size having a few features –

  • You can set the widget to check for updates weekly, monthly or for a certain interval of time.
  • Setting up of growl notifications.
  • Configuration settings.
  • Support with Apple’s download pages, redirecting you directly to the download pages.
  • Gets synced with Versiontracker mac app and lets you check the release notes etc.

Always, dashboard widgets work less and eat less space than an application, and installation and usage of the widget is easier than the apps. So this widget is best to keep you updated with the new versions of any applications that you are using.

You can download the widget and install it for your dashboard from here.

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