The 3 Most Commonly Replaced Laptop Parts

Computers have many different parts and when it comes to laptops these parts are assembled in a way that is frightening to most users; however, there are those laptop parts which seem to be replaced more than others and coincidentally are the easiest to replace. This article will talk about the several commonly replaced laptop parts, and the most common three parts which are frequently seen being replaced or repaired due to the malfunction or damaged due to over usage or one of the many common problems.


Laptop Screens

Screen cracks and the like seem to be a consistent issue with electronics. People just can’t seem to avoid this; but as the thing that provides visual output to the user, a cracked or busted screen simply won’t do. Fixing a broken LCD screen is a simple, 5-minute process and there are a plethora of videos out there explaining how to do it. There is the issue of choosing the actual replacement though.

As there are a lot of laptops out there so must there be a lot of laptop screens to choose from. This is an issue for users looking to replace their busted screen because of incompatibility. Many people think that they only need to purchase the LCD screen with the same dimensions as their previous one, however, even if they get the same screen size the connectors might not match up or other incompatibility issues might arise.

When it comes to laptop screen replacement, if you’re doing it yourself, the thing to do is always purchase the part from the manufacturer. The potentially higher cost will be justified in less hassle and time-wasting. Alternatively, you can use the resources on the internet to find out if another LCD screen besides the manufacturer’s will work.

Laptop Keyboards

Laptop Keyboard

Probably the most used laptop parts, the keyboard is prone to more than just dirt and grime–it can be the target of drink spills and other damaging agents. When cleaning out the keyboard just won’t fix the problem it means that it’s time to replace it.

Like replacing LCD screens, there are many videos out there that teach you how to replace a laptop keyboard. In fact, replacing a laptop keyboard is twice as easy as replacing an LCD screen. Oh and there is another thing: no incompatibility issues with replaced keyboards as long as the dimensions are the same.

Laptop Battery

A laptop battery going out happens every once in awhile, but because replacing it is so easy and the batteries not that expensive, many don’t really see it as that much of a problem. Still it does happen and there are a couple of things that you should keep in mind: 1) accessing the battery is done by either releasing a latch or by unscrewing a screw and 2) batteries should be gotten from the manufacturer, like LCD screens.


Well there you have it, several commonly replaced laptop parts and what to keep in mind whenever the time comes to fix your computer.

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