Control your iTunes with keyboard shortcuts using SizzlingKeys

sizzlingkeys softwareNot everytime when you are on some other application, you would have to go to iTunes to pause or stop a song, or change the song being played. You can now control everything with a few keystrokes which you can specifically set for the iTunes software and you can use them when you are using some other application and don’t want to change the tab to go to iTunes to perform a certain action in it. The software or app is called SizzlingKeys which is available for Mac OS X to control iTunes without keeping its windows open.

Here are some things you can do with SizzlingKeys

Control iTunes – Everything from pausing a song, stopping it, changing the song or playlist, searching songs from a big list, everything can be done with some keyboard shortcuts, and that too without having to go to the actual iTunes window.

Don’t go to iTunes to check the currently playing song – You will just see a small popup window which appears anywhere you want, and not making you go to iTunes. This window would show the currently playing song with its song rating too.

Its very easy to use and takes not much space and knowledge to get used to. And it’s free for download, although there is a paid version but most of the features are already there in the free version.

Download the SizzlingKeys software from here.


  1. Its again a bad news for me that it is just for mac OS

    WHy cant they make app like this for windows??

    Chetan, can you let me know if they have one for windows??

    this would be a pretty kool option

  2. hmm.. can’t use this>.< why only for mac?.. do they have one for windows?.. i need this so bad LOL..

  3. Chetan create the same options for windows, many people are in need of these shortcuts here 😀

  4. why MAC OS? its so expensive here.

  5. SizzlingKeys software sound fun!

  6. I don’t even know,fellow!) continued to write in the same vein, it is interesting people!

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