How to convert text to mp3 or other audio formats

Sometimes when you are trying to read large text files or books on the computer, you often strain your eyes and can’t concentrate continuously on the same. And for many, its better to hear to the audio than giving stress on your eyes. So for those who think to hear conversations in form of podcasts, here is how to convert text to mp3/wav file formats of audio:

Here is one of the best tools that can help you with conversion of text files to mp3 – Spesoft Free Text To MP3 Speaker. It will convert your text files to MP3/OGG/WAV format, and it can convert the full text, or just a part of it in the easiest and fastest manner.
Download the software, and install it. Open the software and you would see the simple interface as shown in the picture below –

text to mp3 converter

  • Adjust the voice, depending on whose voice you like in the output
  • Give any title, year, Author name, specify the output format, and the quality of the output audio
  • There are few other things too which you can modify – Speed, pitch and volume of the audio file
  • You can either paste the entire text into the textbox, or just load the text directly by selecting any txt file in your computer
  • After you set all these, you are done and the creation of audio file takes some time.

Why i love this software is that you can set the voice according to your choice, a hard or light voice with their speed limitation etc. everything is perfectly available in it.
You can download the Text to mp3 software from here.



  1. A good tool for those who don’t have someone who can speak in a good accent, and wants a certain text to be made into mp3. And with the adjustable speed and quality, it helps make things better.

  2. This tool seems really to be rocking it is very useful for the ppl who cant sit and read for hours they can simply listen ti it.

  3. this is a good tool for the one who want to send a voice messages for the members who use it.

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