Convert Windows 7 Laptop/PC into Wifi HotSpot

Windows 7, the best operating system version of Windows has a cool feature for which a software installed in it, can help you share the internet connection from the laptop to neighboring laptops through the WiFi connection of the mother laptop. The Windows 7 PC acts like a Wi-Fi hotspot.

Its Connectify, a free Windows 7 application to turn your Wi-Fi enabled personal computer into a wireless hotspot to share your Internet connection, and create wireless networks on the fly with your friends, co-workers and other devices. Connectify can even share Wi-Fi networks which you are currently connected to with a single Wi-Fi card.

After installation, you would see an icon in the system icon tray from where you need to make a few settings, to make it available for other PCs around, and also to make it secured, so that your internet connection is not shared to people unknown. Check how to convert Windows 7 laptop into Wifi hotspot and the images there will explain on how to set the computer into a Wifi hotspot.

The setting up of WiFi is all based on the software and you don’t need any external hardware to make it work like a hotspot, and any devices like mobile phones, laptops, computers which have WiFi connectivity can connect from the main laptop hotspot. Its a free application so you don’t need to spend anything to setup the hotspot and share the internet connection.

Check about Connectify here, and download the app from here.


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