How to create a vanity custom URL for facebook fan page

Months ago, Facebook had given an option for the users to have their own vanity URL to their profiles, and apart from the user profiles, the facebook fan pages too can have the custom vanity URL. Most of the users were not aware of this earlier, but the Facebook fan pages can have that custom URLs if the number of fans cross the count of 25.

Here is how you can set the username for the facebook fan page –

Go to the Facebook username page and you would see the option to either set the URL for your profile, or for the fan pages you have created (here is how to create a facebook fan page)

facebook vanity url page

Only if you have a minimum of 25 fans, you get the option of setting up a username for your fan page. Select the option and enter the desired URL for your page. Once you set the username, you can’t change it again. The ownership of your username can not be transferred to any other party. The username would be lost if you use it for selling it in the future. Confirm the setting of URL if you agree with the terms.

facebook vanity url rules

The username is set and you can use it to share it anywhere and make it more brandable.

facebook vanity url done

You can create groups on facebook but they cannot have a custom vanity URL. Here is our fan page on Facebook, do become a fan if you like the blog.

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