How to Delete all the Private data in Safari browser?

Safari browser, like any other browser stores all the information about web pages you are viewing, manages a history, saves cookies, saves website icons, autofill form text, and the downloads information. Apart from that, if you wish to save your usernames and passwords in websites, Safari does that too. But there are situation when you would be wanting to delete all the data from the browser, and most importantly the private data.

Lets say you are at College and have accessed some websites which you dont want the college administrators to know about, or else you have visited Social Networking websites like Twitter, Facebook, Orkut, Myspace etc and you dont want your family members to know about this. Then its better to find out all the private accessed data and delete it from the safari browser. Its an easy process, at least easier than the same on firefox and chrome browsers. Just 3 clicks and you are done. Here is how you should delete the data on Safari –

Open Safari browser, and click on the Safari menu, right next to the Apple icon in the left top section of the screen. Hit “Reset Safari…” option.

Reset Safari Data

Reset Data Safari BrowserThe pop-up for reseting Safari opens, and there you will see the 11 different options on what all data you want to keep and what to delete. It includes –

  • Clear History
  • Reset top sites
  • Remove all webpage preview images
  • Empty the cache
  • Clear the downloads window
  • Remove all cookies
  • Remove all website icons
  • Remove saved names and passwords
  • Remove other Autofill form text
  • Close all Safari windows
  • Reset all location warnings

Select those which you want to delete, and hit “Reset”. You are done. This option allows you to remove all the saved passwords, autofill information which was saved when you fill forms, cookies stored when you access different websites etc


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