How to delete your twitter account

twitter logoThis would be one of the worst decisions of people to delete their twitter account, as its one of the best places for networking, marketing and everything. If you delete your twitter account, the username is available to register again. And all the contact and profile information of yours get deleted.

How to delete the account?
Go to your account settings page located at

Hit the delete account option in the bottom and confirm that. Your account is deleted and when you try to open the profile page, it shows as below –
twitter deleted profile

What to take care about?

  • Don’t confuse deleting twitter account to changing the username. If you want to just change the username/handle then you can do that without deleting the entire account.
  • Your twitter account might be viewable for around 24 hours after you delete it, so don’t worry if it doesn’t get deleted at an instant.
  • You are deleting the account permanently. The stuff deleted once won’t come back, at any cost.
  • *** You have to change all the information like email address, phone number etc. before deleting your account, so that you can reuse them for any other account you might want to register later. If you want to wave an all-time good bye, then don’t worry about all that.

If you still have a problem that your tweet updates and links are being shown in search engines even after you have deleted your account, then that’s because of the pages that have been cached there. So you might need to wait till they get de-indexed due to absence of the page, or else contact the Google webmaster team to get the pages removed.

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