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fast flip logoGoogle news, Digg, yahoo news and many other news sites are available to share news in real time, may that be related to any topic from Science and technology to health and politics. But Google has come up with a better idea of displaying news articles – Google Fast Flip.

Google Fast Flip is a web application that lets users discover and share news articles. It combines qualities of print and the Web, with the ability to “flip” through pages online as quickly as flipping through a magazine. It also enables users to follow friends and topics, discover new content and create their own custom magazines around searches.

google fast flip

Fast Flip helps you create something like an online magazine with the latest news and articles which are posted on the web. When some news is posted on the web, Google captures that as a screenshot and adds it to the Fast Flip website. The news are placed in accordance to –

  • The categories or sections
  • The time period
  • The source of the news

The topics come by default initially but if you want it to be customized and want to have the categories of your wish, you can do that too and make it a more personal type of online magazine supported by Google.

Stories can be recommended to Google Fast Flip and also there is a voting system with the help of “Like” button below each article which can make them understand which kind of stories are liked by the readers and which can be removed. You hit the Like button and your contacts will know about it in Fast Flip when they are browsing the stories, so thats an indirect recommendation of the story to them.

google fast flip

This is still a labs version and available only in English language, and the concept is very cool. The site is available in mobile version too for those who browse through their iPhone or Android based phones.

Check out Google Fast Flip at the Google Labs Site.

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