Download Apple iOS4 – The new iPhone, iPod touch OS

apple ios4As announced in the WWDC, the Apple team has released the newest version of operating system for iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and 2nd, 3rd generations of iPod touch – iOS4. The new iOS4 brings in some special features that were awaited for long, one of which is Multitasking. Others include opening of thousands of APIs for developers.

Some of the main features include –
Multitasking – You can run and switch through various 3rd party apps instantly, without having to wait for an app to quit completely before you open the other. This helps in maintaining the performance of the system, as well as saves the phone from draining a lot of battery.

Folders – The drag and drop option will help you organize the apps into various folders, and you can then manage thousands of apps in your phone within different folders, instead of having them on the main screen.

Mailing – This was there for always, but has become better. There is a unified inbox, which will allow you to see the messages from all your accounts, and messages are viewable in threads. The attachments can now be opened in 3rd party apps without quitting the mail app totally.

iBooks – Another great addition, its more than just an ebook reader, and through iBooks you can read, buy the books at any time.

Apart form these, Apple has made many minor changes, which you would notice or they go unnoticed, while you use the new OS.

The iPhone 3G users are being unlucky as of now, because they won’t be able to enjoy the multitasking, as its not available due to some hardware issues, that doesn’t allow the multitasking. So, its just the iPhone 3GS users who would be benefited the most with the new iOS4, apart from the new iPhone 4 which would be launching soon.

You can download the iOS4 from iTunes when you connect your iPhone.

The jailbreak of iPhone 3GS on iOS4 was available already, for those who wanted to try using Pwnagetool and redsn0w.


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