Download AVS Audio converter – Convert different audio formats

There are many formats of an audio file, where the quality and the way the file is made, decides the format. Most commonly seen is mp3 and other recorded files come in wav, wma formats etc. These come in songs, ringtones and recorded voices etc. And to change the formats from one to another, just changing the extension in the file name doesn’t help.

Here is a converter software for windows – AVS Audio converter.

These are the few features of the converter software –

  • Convert Between All Key Audio Formats – MP3, WMA, WAV, M4A, AMR, OGG, MP2, FLAC and other formats. Many other less commonly used formats are also converted using this converter.
  • Microsoft Windows 7 Support
  • Reduces the Conversion Time when using the batch mode.
  • Export Audio from Video – Extract and convert audio from your video files. DVD, MPEG, MP4, AVI, DIVX, MOV, WMV, VOB, 3GP, RM, QT, FLV and others are supported.
  • Set Custom Parameters – You can specify the frequency and the number of channels, the bitrate and the other parameters and limits of the output files before you start the conversion.
  • Apply Advanced Fine Tuning – Set up advanced parameters for MP3 and OGG formats.
  • Edit Audio Fast – You can cut the parts, mix the broken parts, remove any and also add effects to the cut files.
  • Create Ringtone for iPhone – Edit an audio file and save it to M4R format for iPhone.
  • Edit Audio Tags – The text information for the audio file can be edited and changed.

avs audio converter

Download the AVS audio converter from here.

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