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Eraser portable is a computer program application which can be used with ease and simplicity. It helps to completely remove sensitive data from your computer. If you are in a business and want to recycle and remarket your computer than you have to erase the confidential data in a secured manner otherwise the sensitive and confidential information not erased may end up in the hands of your competitors which will lead to significantly damage your companies reputations which will also lead to huge loss of potential customers due to your data base ending up into your competitors hand. This Eraser portable program application will run directly from the iPod, USB, Thumb drive, portable hard drive as well.

If you are trying to delete a file completely out of your computer, all you have to do is download the Eraser portable. Even when you delete files in your computer, it is still there somewhere in your computer’s hardware. And if someone where to look hard enough and use the current tools, that person will be able to recover the deleted file. So, the only way to completely delete the files, which you want to delete is by the Eraser portable, is to download the Eraser portable. It is really very easy and simple to download and it is extra simple and easy to use.

eraser portable app

The portable version is the same as the original one. It is great. It removes sensate data from the computer by overwriting carefully selected patterns. It can do multiple wipes. It can wipe optical media, any hard drive, files, folders, encrypted data, the recycle bin, and on any corrupted data which you want to kill. It is not the normal deletion option which is being used on normal circumstances but it will be a greater utility which can be used whenever you need a quick secure delete.

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  1. I have always seen troubles in deleting the encrypted data from my computer. So this tool might be coming handy in doing the same. Thanks for sharing.

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