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Google chrome operating system which was announced early in July 2009 is being developed by the Google team and unsure whether its official or not, the Google sites section has a way to download the development appliance of Google chrome OS which you can use to try the Google chrome operating system.

The project aim is to provide a lightweight Linux distribution for the best web browsing experience. And the probable features of the new OS in this appliance are –

  • GNOME 2.24 desktop environment
  • Google Chrome 4.0.207 web browser
  • 3.0 office suite
  • Flash Player 10.0 plugin

google chrome os screen

You will need to download the tarball for the installation of the OS, which has nothing much but the general idea of what the future OS you would be seeing.
The tarball is containing vmdk and vmx files. You need a free VMware Player or VirtualBox in order to run this appliance.

chrome os about

Apart from that there is also ISO file available which you can use and install the OS using Live CD image. Unzip the gzipped iso file and burn it into CD-R. Boot the computer from it and when Chrome OS is loaded, click Live Installer on the desktop. Follow the instructions. More details are given here.

I had once written why Google chrome OS would fail, but still won’t stick to it as the OS has a long time to go and to be released, so the comments stay just with expectations.

Download and info about the Google Chrome OS

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