Download & Install Avast Antivirus for Mac Computers

avast Mac EditionRarely there are any viruses which attacks Mac based computers, but still it is always better to be safe than waiting for an attack to knock your Mac. And for safeguarding you Mac, you will be requiring a good Antivirus, so one of the best antiviruses is Avast Antivirus for Mac edition. Keeping the difference, this antivirus works on the principle of central virus scanning daemon which is enough to keep all sorts of viruses at the bay. Also, with the inclusion of mail scanner, on-demand scanner and an individual desktop powered with a simple to use user interface, you can easily use it the way you want it.

The main specialty of this antivirus is that both the version of Avast, Mac Edition and Mac + PC edition comes with ICSA certified scan engine which is known to be one of the best Antivirus engines which have the power to keep away almost all sorts of viruses away from your mac. Be it malware, Trojan horses, spyware or viruses, this Avast antivirus is equipped to deal with all sorts of threats, so that your Mac will be safe. Also, the level of performance is closer to that normally delivered by server antivirus software which are very costly and effective.

avast antivirus

If we look at some of the key features, then this antivirus tool comes with the full on access scanning which is useful for scanning the files when they are accessed, On demand scanning which has the ability to schedule the scanning or can also do ad hoc scanning of the system, integrated email protection which stops infections at one of the main access points, virus chest which stores and places the threats within so that it doesn’t harm any files and also prevents the virus from spreading. With a neat, simple and not so complex overall interface, you can easily manage the settings as per your complexity leave ranging from Simply, Moderate and hard.

Please note that, Avast for mac doesn’t support Mac OS X 10.0, 10.1, 10.2 and 10.3 and also Avast doesn’t support any Mac OS version which is previous to OS X. All OS X versions from/above 10.4 Mac OS X Tiger are supported by this antivirus. Also, note that 50 MB of free hard disk space is required to install this product.


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