Download & Install ClamXav Antivirus for Mac OS X

Clam XavIf you thought that all good things doesn’t come for free and comes with a cost, then you need to think again on this thought as you can now get one of the best antiviruses for your Mac. Basically this antivirus has a strong and huge antivirus engine which is an open source due to which this one becomes very effective. Let’s check out some of the important features which this antivirus comes with.



  • Simple and easy to understand interface,
  • Doesn’t slow down the system,
  • Customized toolbar support which can be hidden at any time,
  • Clear listing of infected files,
  • Send infected files to the quarantine bucket or can simply delete them instantly with one click,
  • Manual and automatic virus definition files update,
  • With the sentry launch, you can easily and quickly monitor the infections and viruses if any,
  • Compatibility with Mac 10.4, 10.5, 10.6 and above,
  • Scan scheduling is possible with the new latest update,
  • Consumption of RAM is quite less than before
  • Includes the version of Sparkle to fix various issues.

Do let us know about on how your experience was after downloading and using this ClamXav Antivirus antivirus for your Mac. Also, if you have any problems then state the same in the comments section, we will solve your problems

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