Download & Install VirusBarrier Antivirus for Mac with Anti-Spyware

VirusBarrier LogoWe always love doing lesser things and with the arrival of convergence we always want to make the most out of it and so does with the arrival of an Antivirus for Mac in the form of Virus Barrier X6. This antivirus basically promises to deliver a top class protection from malware and other network threats. This software integrates firewall, network protection, anti-phishing, anti-spyware and more within itself, which makes it a really powerful tool to fight with all sorts of threats.

There are many sorts of threats in the form of Trojan horses and worms which can attack your Mac at any time, but with Virus Barrier, you can have a peaceful Mac experience as it keeps all sorts of threats at bay.

Virus BarrierVirus Barrier Scanning

If we talk of features which this antivirus provides includes a two way firewall which extends the program’s protection beyond detecting and eradicating malware. Also, this one offers preset configurations for most of the users so that one can customize the security as per the choice. With a full range of protection services which ranges from advanced security protection with anti-vandal and web threat protection, dynamic code monitoring which continuously monitors the suspicious applications and content, provides protection from phishing as many sites trick to grab info like passwords and other critical info.

Virus Barrier FirewallVirus Barrier Anti Spyware

Almost all types of malwares are fed in the antivirus directories of Virus barrier, so if any new malware is found then it immediately detects and reports the same, so that it can monitor key loggers, hacking tools, dialers etc. easily. Adding to it this one also has a fine tuned scanning and security policies which determines the files by on its own.

Also, adding to the list of customization, this one also offers flexibility in choosing the level of CPU time to be allocated for background scanning which actually prevents the system from slowing down. Only if the CPU time is lower than a prescribed or a set level, it won’t scan the files with which you can have a total performance control on your antivirus as well as on your system. Since, this software is provided with 64-bit code, it is fully compatible with Snow Leopard, and also is ready for the future use. You can easily download this antivirus and can install the same on you Mac.

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