Download iOS 5 for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad [Direct Download Links]

The iOS 5 for the Apple devices, which was announced at the Let”s Talk iPhone Event, has been finally released for the iOS devices and the users can now update their phones to the latest version either directly through the iTunes software update option, or else by downloading the iOS and doing the update manually through the iTunes software after connecting the device. The iOS 5 update is available for the iPhone, iPad and the iPod Touch. The iOS 5 is released with hundreds of changes, new features and upgrades to the previous features, making it one of the best mobile operating systems, competing well with the open-source Android operating system.

apple ios 5

Here are a few excellent new features of the Apple iOS 5 –

  • Notification Panel – The Android”s reason to boast now has a competition, where the iOS 5 now has the notification panel with the recent notifications listed in a drop-down panel which has to be dragged open. The notifications are listed in various categories, with them being in a list in the panel making it easy for users to check them and the users won”t be disturbed with the untimed notifications on the homescreen itself. The lockscreen too has the notifications available to view, so that you don”t need to unlock and check the notifications.
  • iMessage – A new feature for the iOS users, where they can send the messages to the various iOS devices like the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad through the Wi-Fi or 3G network. This feature is integrated in the Messages app where you can send the text messages, photos, videos etc. and keep a track of everything.
  • Newsstand – A subscription manager for casino all the updates to which you have subscribed, the Newsstand organizes everything like a magazine and the Magazine subscriptions that you purchase, are directly sent to the Newsstand and the new issues are downloaded by the app as and when it arrives.
  • Reminders – Make all the entries in the reminders and remove them from your mind. You would be reminded on time in any of the iOS devices, and the advantage of this being that it reminds you whenever you enter any location as the Reminders are location based. These reminders even work with the iCal, iCloud and Outlook so that the backups are taken on time automatically.
  • Twitter Integration – Twitter is integrated in a way that you don”t need to go to the Twitter app to post an update. You can tweet from Safari, Camera, Youtube, Maps etc. and share pictures and links. Just start typing a name and the iOS 5 would recognize and search for the Twitter ID you want to mention.

The camera, photos, safari and a lot other apps are made better with lots of new features and advancements, one of the major being the software update possibility through the iOS device directly. You now need not connect the device to the computer for the software updates.

Here are the download links for the iOS 5 for the various iOS devices:

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