Download iPhone theme based on HTC Hero – iVillain

Everything looks better when its modified. The same goes with the iPhone and its display. Here is an attempt by Justflikwalk to make a theme that resembles the look of HTC Hero. iVillain is based on the new HTC Hero. It has a flip clock and weather widget. It also has a themed dialer and icons, up next is to continue to theme more apps and the UI to match the style of the HTC Hero.

It requires some customization after you install it, so be prepared for that. But once you play around with those few settings, the theme looks just similar to the HTC Hero home screen, with the weather and clock widgets on the top, and a clean and neat look in the background. Just the HTC name is gone.

iVillain theme for iPhone (BETA)

Download the iVillain theme.

Here is how you can install it –

  • Unzip package
  • Use your favorite SSH client to place the to .theme files in the theme directory (/Library/Themes) on your iPhone.

To Config weather to you locale:
Will will need to edit the ConfigureME.js file (/Private/ConfigureMe.js) in the WeatherWiget.theme file. Simply change the location to “your city,your country”.

Also, if you are not sure of how to shift and place the themes, and you have Cydia app in your iPhone, better use that and search for the iVillain app in it. It gets installed there in an easier way. And then, go to Settings > Winterboard and from there you can select the theme and customize it there.

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