Download iTunes 8.0 for Windows

Apple iTunes is a software which is useful for playing music, converting it, burning CD’s, watching HDTV and lot more stuff all packed in a single application. The iTunes library helps you in importing all the purchased music and keep a record of all in a perfect collection with instant downloading of music from the iTunes store where you need to become a member with your credit card details because there is a lot of excellent paid stuff on the iTunes Store.

List of features iTunes 8.0 offers you :
Visual Browsing
Cover Flow
Unwatched Videos
Genius Playlists
Back Up with Time Capsule
Importing from CDs
Encoding Imported Music
Burning Audio and MP3 CDs
Burning a Backup
Burning a CD
Listen to Streaming Radio


  1. Thanks for the info! Downloading now. 😀

  2. itunes is one of the greatest stuff that apple has ever created , i simply love it

  3. This is great info thanks, just a pity that we here in South Africa we don’t have iTunes, unless one has an overseas account we can’t buy them here.

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