Download QuickPWN 3.0 Beta 5 to Jailbreak iPhone OS 3.0 Beta 5

I have not posted about the iPhone’s new OS which is 3.0 still in beta stages and the jailbreaking teams always work on the newer releases to unlock the iPhone of any version of OS. So QuickPWN has developed and released the latest version to Jailbreak the iPhone OS 3.0 Beta 5.

iphone 3.0 OS jailbreakApple team has been trying to release the new beta versions very early and trying to avoid people from jailbreaking the phone, but the and the QuickPWN team has been successful in releasing the newer versions of unlocking softwares spontaneously.
This download will work on the iPod Touch 1st Generation, iPhone 2G, and iPhone 3G.

Accd. to QuickPWN team,

iPhone 3G users, do you use yellowsn0w? If you use yellowsn0w or if you plan to use it in the future you should NOT use this jailbreak. iPhone OS 3.0 is still in beta and a lot of jailbroken apps need to be updated to support it. Don’t be surprised if a lot of your favorite apps don’t work, you will have to wait until the final iPhone OS 3.0 release to get your favorite apps. This is a beta release so please do not ask for support on this.

Download the QuickPWN 3.0 Beta 5 from here.
Here is an alternative Working link – Download QuickpWN 3.0


Update: The iPhone 3.0 OS is released, and the Dev team has announced Pwnagetool 3.0 unlock for iPhone 3.0 firmware but users will still have to wait for the QuickPWN for the original 3.0 firmware of iPhone. I would update everyone if the dev team releases any new version of Quickpwn to unlock iPhone 3.0 OS.


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