Download WordPress Notifier for Mac OS X

Your blog might be getting many comments a day, and a few every hour.. depends on popularity of your blog and you just can’t always keep refreshing the blog admin dashboard to keep checking if any unapproved comments have arrived in your blog.
And if you are a mac user, then this application is the best for you. Its a notifier that would show you the notification when any unapproved comments have arrived in your blog. Here are a few features –

  • Works with WordPress 2.7
  • Works with
  • Displays comment count in the Status Bar.
  • Displays comments in Status Bar menu.
  • Growl Integration.

The application is only for Mac OS X and it is placed in the status bar in the top right of your mac. The only problem is that many wordpress users have not shifted to WordPress 2.7 yet and this app works only with 2.7 version and not the previous versions.

This is the first best release of the WP Notifier and the later versions are expected to have support for multiple blogs, spam comment count, language translation, replying to comments etc.

You can download the WP Notifier Mac App from

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