How to Drag Dashboard Widget to Desktop in Mac OS X

Dashboard is a special section in Mac OS X where Apple has given a lot of things which you might use daily and very often, like Calculator, language translator, notes taker, dictionary and lot more. It can be accessed by pressing F12 key in your mac. And you can remove/add widgets into the dashboard to make it the best for you.

But always hitting the F12 key to open the dashboard is not liked by everyone, even me. So i would customize my mac by having the features of dashboard on my desktop which is most frequently kept best online casino open for me, than anything else when am not using the the web.
And i know there are many other people, who might be wondering to have the dashboard widgets on their desktop and make things more customized and better looking for them. So, here is the tutorial to do so –

Open the in your mac (Appliations > Utilities > Terminal) and then paste this text into the terminal box –

defaults write devmode YES

apple terminal command

This will make the developer mode On for dashboard, and there has been no error while doing this. So you too won”t find any problem but just a prompt reply to this command in the terminal application.

Now, log out of your account and re-login to make the changes to developer mode.
logout mac account
logout confirmation

And now here is how you can drag the dashboard widget to the desktop –

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