Easy way to Install flash player for Google Chrome

While we had shared the tips on how to install flash player in Google Chrome, people all over were having many bugs and questions about that trick, and so here is an easier way to install the same Adobe flash player for Google chrome. I had tried this one in the latest Chrome version and it worked perfectly, so sharing the tips with my readers.

google chrome ballThis tip includes just 2-3 steps with which the latest flash player is installed for every browser in your computer. Follow these steps –
Go to this page or use this Alternate Working link to Download Flash Player.

This will download the latest and current flash player installer for your browsers. Then install the flash player and you would see the window which asks you to close all the browsers that are open. As this is a common flash player from Adobe for all the browsers in the computer, the firefox browser would also be altered and updated with the latest flash player which you just downloaded.
The image below shows the window that requests you to close down all the browsers –
adobe player google chrome

After you have closed all the browsers as mentioned, the flash player will be installed and you can then open Google chrome and check for the Youtube videos if they are opening. I’m sure they would. It did with my browser in Windows computer.


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