Enable Root User in Mac OS X – Super Admin Access

MAC LOGOHave you ever found difficulty in enabling the root user? If yes let’s see that how you can enable root user in the Mac OS X. Many times when you are using OS X only administrator rights access is not enough but you also need to be a root user to gain the access which is nothing but similar to the sudo command in the Terminal. Though this rooting is not recommended for a normal user but if you are the one who wishes to gain the complete access for everything on your MAC then this one is for you.

Procedure to Enable the Root User

  • Firstly you need to go to System Preferences and then need to click on Accounts.

System Preferences

  • Now, next up choose the Login Options as shown below:


  • Now you need to Edit the Network Account Settings by clicking on Edit tab below, or choose Join if you see that button instead as shown below.

Edit Network Account Settings

  • After Editing the Network Account Settings, you will now have to Open Directory Utility Tool.

Directory Utility

  • Now next you will need to open the Edit menu and have to select Enable Root User option as shown below.

Enable Root User

  • Lastly, you will have to open the Directory Utility tools option window and need to choose a password and verify the same and then click on Ok.

Directory Utility tool

Now, after following the procedure given above, you will be able to use the Log Out item which is available in the System Menu and then you can login as a new Root user. This procedure is one of the safest and obviously the simplest one with which you can enable the root user in the MAC OS X system. Also most importantly, note that this rooting is not an essential for a normal user but if you know what you are doing then this rooting user thing will be very useful tool for you.

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