The Best Features of the Apple iOS 5 Operating System

Apple recently has introduced the iPhone 4S which has a whole lot of features. The new iPhone has all new camera with improved optics. The new operating system has been incorporated by the company its new phone. According to the top official Apple has incorporated more than 200 new features in its new iOS 5 operating system. Here we look at some of the improvements that are incorporated by the company.

apple ios 5

  1. Notification Center:  On the lines of its rival Android Operating System, the company has revamped its notification controls. The new operating system has a new notification centre that stores all the notifications that you receive in the notification bar that is placed on the upper edge of the screen. Earlier when you receive an email alert, sms or something else, a popup dialog will appear informing you about the alert. This hampers the productivity of the users greatly. Now if you receive multiple messages then the screen will be locked and you he was to swipe your screen to reveal the display.
  2. Twitter Integration: The all new iOS Operating System comes integrated with Twitter.  All you have to do is to get your account registered with the official twitter app that is preinstalled in your phone. Once you are registered, you will be able to receive and send tweets from your safari browser. The twitter is now capable of handling the camera app and maps. The on screen keyboard has been revamped for this app where they have added the # (hash tag) and @ (mention) keys.
  3. iMessage: iMessage is to Apple what BBM is to Blackberry. The user can send unlimited amount of text messages directly to other iOS device such as iPad, iPod, iPhone and iTouch with this awesome service. The iMessage is capable of dealing with other kind of data such as images, text, audio, video and contacts. As the part of continuous innovation at Apple, the user can only send gif images in iMessage.
  4. Location based Task Manager: The new and swanky iOS operating system is aimed at improving the productivity and throughput of the user by use of Location based Task Manager. A number of reminders that can be checked and removed from the list according to the requirements. The iOS device when sees itself in the vicinity of a task, it will remind you to do it. The Reminders in the iOS operating system are much more efficient than the notes and to-do lists.
  5. The Voice Assistant: The newly launched Apple operating system has launched a voice assistant that is capable of responding to the voice commands and navigations. This assistant is aimed for the hands free user experience and watch your phone respond to the your commands to send emails, text messages, tweets, Facebook status updates, get maps, get directions and even making a phone call. This voice assistant is also called as Siri app which is recent acquired by the Apple Computers.

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