The Features That Keep Apple Macbook Air at the Top

The Apple Macbook Air is not simply called the Revolutionary laptop. It has many features and specs that back the name, mainly being very thin and having the specifications that could rock the high-end heavy laptops, but the size compromising some stuff that could make it useful for all purposes. Almost everything can be expected from the Macbook Air, which has a weight of just around 1 kg, and 1.35 kg for the 11-inch and 13-inch versions of the Mac Air. Here are the features of the Apple Macbook Air that keeps it at its best –

Intel Core i5 & i7 Processors

Apple has never compromised itself with the performance of the devices, and the ultra-thin Macbook Air have ported in itself, the latest Intel Core processors, i5 for the 11-inch variant and the i7 processor for the 13-inch one. The 1.8GHz speeds provide about 3 times the speed of the previous generation of the Macbook Air. Not just the core processing units, but Apple has also put in, the Intel HD Graphics 3000 Processor for better video encoding.

apple macbook air

Backlit Keyboard

You won’t need the room lights on during the nights, as the backlit keyboard would provide almost the natural light from below the keys. Although compact, the Macbook Air has no compromise with the keyboard as it has provided itself with the full-fledged key section and a trackpad. The Air has an ambient light sensor, making the changes in the brightness of the keyboard and display adjusted according to the brightness of the surroundings.

Multi-touch Trackpad

The Multi-touch gestures on the trackpad of the Macbook Air makes stuff easier and geeky. One can use their multiple fingers to perform some action, which was earlier possible using the keyboard shortcuts. Tap to zoom, pinch the 4 fingers to see all the apps in the Launchpad, sliding two fingers together for scrolling, swiping side-to-side for navigation etc. make things a lot easier now. The response to the touch gestures is very smooth and responsive.

Flash Storage

The users of Apple iPhone and iPad would surely understand what the benefits of flash storage in devices is. The speed doubles up, the efficiency and performance becomes a lot better with the Flash storage. The same in the compact device of Macbook Air would do the core stuff like starting up, in almost a flash. You won’t need to wait for minutes to watch the Mac Air start up slowly like the earlier traditional versions. The Flash storage also provides an incredible 30 days of standby time for the Macbook Air.

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Entertainment with Camera & Speakers

The display is of high-resolution, and the entertainment would be at its max., with the FaceTime camera which helps in video calling using the FaceTime feature, helping in connecting people who use the Apple gadgets. The camera is located on the thinnest part of the Macbook Air, barely noticeable unless you find a purpose for it. The FaceTime would help make video calls with anyone who owns a Macbook, Mac Air, an iPhone, iPad 2 or the iPod touch which all have to be on the latest OS version. Talking about the speakers, there are no largely visible ones but the sound output is of stereo quality, as the speakers lie below the keyboard and produce a surround sound.

Long Battery Life

The storage is limited to flash, so Apple has got a lot of place left for a larger battery which can keep the Mac running for long hours when on full charge, and not connected to the power cord. Full usage in both 11-inch and 13-inch versions of the Macbook Air would give at least 7 hours of battery life, giving the best usage while traveling where you have no guarantee of getting the charging available always.

Advanced Connectivity Options

Plethora of connectivity options are available in the Macbook Air, featuring the Wi-Fi 802.11n, the Bluetooth 4.0 technology and the 2 USB ports. The Wireless technology, including both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, work like a charm to keep the users connected and apart from that, the Thunderbolt port helps in connecting to the new Thunderbolt display and the external peripherals with a faster transfer rate.

Above were the noticeable features that would fascinate the users, and with the Mac Support that comes with the OS X Lion, a new user too would learn everything from the scratch pretty much easily. The way Mac teaches stuff to the users cannot be compared with any other OS support.

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