Find website loading time from different locations

loading time logoNowadays, there’s lot of buzz on the loading time of any website, as everyone wants the page to load faster and also the website owner can improve the search rankings. In fact it will not be wrong if i say that the website ranking is partly based on the website loading speed. If you are having your own website or even a blog then with faster page loading you can enhance the ranking to a higher level in Google’s search engine. If you know a website which loads faster and is a popular one too then you can compare with that website with your website and can do a complete analysis about where your website is lacking and where you need to correct things on so that page loads quickly.

ping brigade

ping brigade test resultsIf you want to check the loading time of any website then it will vary according to the location, for this if you want to know that from which place your site is loading within how much time then Ping Brigade will help you in doing so. When you enter any website name in Ping Brigade, it will analyse the website for a maximum of 30 seconds and will provide a complete detail on your screen with details like how much time is being taken which is nothing but average loading time to load the website from the servers of USA, Africa, Europe and also from rest of the world.

which loads faster

If you want to compare the two websites on which website loads faster then whichloadsfaster will help you do this as it compares the two websites as shown above.

There’s also a tool where in you will get a detailed waterfall view of your pages’ load performance with an optimization checklist.


page test result

As soon as you hit on Start test after entering the URL, within few seconds report will be in front of you in a wind fall manner which includes every component  which is present in your website. So these are some online tools which will help you to enhance the page rank and also will help you to know where your website is lacking if compared with others.

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