Find your fuzz in 4 Search engines together

fuzzfind searchThis tool would be helpful for webmasters who try to optimize their site for all the search engines.
Fuzzfind web search is a special tool that helps people to search for a particular keyword in 4 major websites, which include 3 search engines and a social bookmarking site.

Google, Yahoo! Search, Live Search and are the 4 major engines which are searched together for a particular keyword that we search and it calculates the average fuzz from all the 4 major websites and then ranks the websites according to the fuzz.

The website not only needs to have top rankings in the 3 search engines but also has to get more number of bookmarks in to be higher and actually this is the best way to check the site’s user friendliness, as the site is bookmarked if at all people like it.
Here is an example of the results for the keyword “dentistry” and how the results appeared. The results vary in a large extent as 4 major sources are taken into consideration. But this tool is the best for those who are trying to optimize their website for all their search engines 🙂

fuzzfind search results


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