Best Firefox Add-ons available as Google Chrome Extensions

Until the entry of Google Chrome into the browser market, Firefox was the most sort after browser with many Add ons and extensions which make browsing very easy and fun to use.
But with the entry of Google Chrome in the market many users have shifted from Mozilla to Firefox as it is very simple even as we see that Google chrome does not support Addon’s.

So here i have listed some Bookmarklets which will help you to get the feel and get the features of Add on’s in Firefox.

  1. Disable/block Ads on webpage (Adblock for chrome)
  2. Stumble using Chrome
  3. “Gmail This!” bookmarklet
  4. Convert plain text URL’s into hyperlinks
  5. Social Bookmarking submission
  6. All in one video downloader
  7. Check Google Pagerank
  8. Twitter Updates from Chrome
  9. Tumblr bookmarklet
  10. Dictionary,thesaurus and reference
  11. Google translation Chromelet
  12. Updated Google chrome addons bookmarklet

How to Add these Bookmarklets to your Google Chrome Browser:

  1. Launch Google Chrome and make sure the bookmark bar is enabled on new tabs.
  2. Click ctrl+b on your chrome browser
  3. Which will have a static bookmarking bar whenever a new tab is opened
  4. Click on the hyperlink and drag them on to the Chrome Bookmark bar
  5. This will Add the Bookmarklet to your Google Chrome and you can now enjoy the Add on like features

Adblock+ (Disable/block Ads on webpage)

  • Just drag and drop this link onto your Bookmarks bar to install it onto your Google Chrome Browser.
  • Adblock removes  java, flash, background music, and third-party iframes
  • This will help prevent the unwanted Ad’s and the background which is sometimes pretty irritating.

Stumble it (Stumble Using Chrome)

  • This is a plugin which will help you easily share the stuff you like on the Socila Bookmarking site Stumble Upon with just 1 click.
  • Place this on your Browser and you can share stuff with just 1 click

Gmail This (“Gmail This!” bookmarklet)

  • This application is very useful while browsing. This application will let you save and send or share any Page which you might like through Gmail with anyone.
  • This is a one click mail application where you can directly send the page without much work to do

Lnkify (Convert plain text URL’s into hyperlinks)

  • This Addon will help you to easily convert all plain text URL’s into hyperlinks on a webpage.
  • All your plain text URL’s can be converted into Hyperlinks .

Socialize (Social Bookmarking submission)

  • This is an addon which is mainly useful for Bloggers as we can Submit a blog to more than 50 Book marking sites with just a few clicks.
  • This plugin includes most of the main bookmarking sites on the internet.

Video Downloader (All in one video downloader)

  • All of us use the Video Downloader in Firefox to download videos from any Video sharing website easily with the help of this simple Add on.
  • This Downloader will also help you convert some video formats.

Google Pagerank (Check Google Page Rank)

  •  This is a simple plugin in which all you have to do is Drag this bookmarklet to your Google Chrome browser Bookmarks page and click on it when ever you want to check the Pagerank of any website you are viewing

Twitter Now (Twitter Updates for chrome)

  • Twitter Now is a Google Chrome extension that provides an interface to the basic functionalities of Twitter.
  • This is a plugin which lets you tweet straight from your browser

Share on Tumblr (Tumblr bookmarklet)

  • With this Add on you can directly share your posts or any content which you see on the web on your Tumblr account.

Dictionary (Dictionary, thesaurus and refrences)

  • Dictionary is a very helpful application for any user, be it student or blogger or just a browser.
  • With this Application you can easily search for a term or anything you wish to know the meaning of.

Google Translate (Translate the whole webpage to your desired language)

  • This extension translates entire webpages into a language of your choice with one click.
  • This extension adds a button to your browser toolbar.
  • Click the translate icon whenever you want to translate the page you’re visiting and select the language you want.
Delicious Bookmark
  • It integrates your bookmarks with the Google Chrome browser and keeps them in sync for easy, convenient access.
  • Access your bookmarks in Chrome or anywhere in the world by going to
  • SAVE your bookmarks using the Delicious ‘TAG’ button
  • SEARCH your bookmarks by using the Google Chrome Omnibar



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