Fix Mac Safari Crash When Visiting Flash Web Pages

Safari Flash FixIf you are on Safari then you might have noticed that whenever you are visiting a flash based website then the web pages just simply crashes. So, let’s check out how you can prevent this crash and can continue with your browsing. Actually flash is an interactive simulative animation system which has been developed for displaying visually rich web pages which are generally used for displaying advertisements and videos across the Web world. Though the Windows based flash seems to work well, there are some crash issues with the Mac version.

So, coming for the help for all the Mac users, here comes the ClickToFlash application which will prevent your Safari web browser to crash. Basically, ClickToFlash is a specially made tool for safari which captures and blocks all the flash related video or advertisement and replaces with the embedded gradient which is the Flash. So, until and unless you decide to click on the Video or an ad, these will not be moving from their freezing status. Now, you may ask that what about the You Tube videos on Safari, will there be no videos showing in the Videos? The answer is you will be easily able to see all the You Tube videos as these come with H.264 plugin in it which is not a flash component.

The main reason on why Apple doesn’t allow Adobes Flash on the iPhone is because it’s a slow, buggy, crash-prone, bloated platform which doesn’t do much more than can be done already using Javascript, XHTML, and CSS. Until Adobe gets their collective Flash act together, you will have to make use of ClickToFlash, so that you can get out of this Flash Crash.

If we look at the features of this application then this app comes with the one click flash loading capability, higher You tube videos quality as it plays in Quick time rather than on Flash, Lowered CPU usage so that your RAM is not overloaded, less fan usage and heat will ensure a cool web browsing experience, with automatic updating to next higher upgrade you don’t have to wait for any bugs if any to get solved or to have new improved feature set. With the help of Website white list you can allow flash for certain websites. There are many more advantages but it’s better to know them after downloading and installing.

ClickToFlash 1.5.5

ClickToFlash 1.6b9


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