Download Free Antivirus Program for Mac – iAntivirus

This antivirus was released for the first time in June 2008 by PC Tools. It works with Apple Macintosh computers which run Mac OS 10.5 and it can be used to detect and remove malware, spyware and exploits. iAntivirus is free and it is capable of thoroughly scanning your system to ensure thare are no viruses. It does not only detect viruses it also destroys them leaving your PC safe for use.

iAntivirus LogoThe antivirus itself comes with a variety of scan options. This enables you to balance between the time it will take to complete a scan and its thoroughness. IAntivirus is able to detect and isolate all infections. This helps to ensure that the virus or worm does not spread to the other programs in the computer.

It also offers real time protection from any kind of potential threat. If your system encounters a threat of whatever kind, the antivirus will act on it there and then. It does all this automatically.

iAntivirus Virus Scan Mac

iAntivirus Mac Scan

You can automatically update your iAntivirus to allow the antivirus to detect and destroy new threats that may invade your system. The
updates can be downloaded through the Smart Update function. It only takes a few hours for the antivirus to update threat signatures. Therefore if your system gets infected, the threat will have no time to seriously affect your programs. As the antivirus is working, you will be able to see only a small alert window showing you that the threat has been eliminated.

iAntivirus Virus Scan Mac

IAntivirus is only a Mac specific kind of anti virus. This means that it can only detect and destroy threats that only attack Macs. Although this ensures that the antivirus’ database is free from clatter, it effectively locks out other systems which are not Macs.

It has a complete and fully functional user interface that makes it easy to scan for, remove and manage infections. The IAntivirus is also very fast and thorough. Having IAntivirus in your system saves you the trouble of having to manually check for possible threats in your system. The antivirus will do it for you even without you prompting it.

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