Free currency converter dashboard widget for Mac

currency converter widgetNow you won’t need to go to the currency conversion websites always to check or calculate the conversion rates and some calculation of currencies of different countries. Everything can be done through the widget in your Dashboard(Shortcut key F12) which is called CurrencyConverter.

This currency converter widget is capable of supporting currencies of over 190 countries all over the world and frequently update the currency trends of various countries. This means all of the traded countries currencies are supported.

Some features that you would see

  • Support multi currencies conversions (you can add all the currencies you want to the conversion table)
  • Support multiple widget instances, so that you can keep open more than a conversion table, each with a set of preferred currencies
  • You can choose the desired decimal precision, from one to five decimals
  • You can choose your preferred interface theme
  • The widget displays the currencies signs and the country flag
  • Localized in English, Italian, Portuguese, German, French, Dutch, Spanish, Swedish, Polish, Greek, Russian, Turkish, Traditional Chinese and Japanese languages, and the currency names are localized too.

It works in Mac OS X 10.4 or later, and lately versions have come out for Apple iPhone and iPod touch also.

The exchange rates are automatically updated and you need just the internet connection for that, no need of prompting the widget to act.

Download the Currency converter dashboard widget from here.



  1. ur using mac ..right ?

    wud be useful for u for sure then …. converting $$$ ..hehe

  2. i dont think i really need this one as i dont have mac

    but guys if you want something kool for windows or may be mac too

    then you can try

    Its the world’s best online currency converter 😀

  3. like Amar, I don’t have MAC but I think its useful for those that using them.

  4. this would be very useful for mac users.. @Amar: Thanks for the link gotta check it out!

  5. why is it only for MAC?

  6. Good article, please check out currency converter tool you can add to your website.

  7. Eric Hoffmann says:

    Thank you for this great widget
    It does exactly what it was designed for

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