Best Free and Paid Lifestyle and Journal Entry Apps for Apple iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini

Lifestyle apps are anything that make our life easier or better. There are loads of lifestyle apps out there, out of which we’ve selected 4 apps. They are just awesome apps which you’d love for sure. All of these apps are awesome ‘in their own way’. Some of them are worth spending time, and making your lifestyle better with you moving towards a better side of selections, attractions and attachments with people, while a few would help you write about the daily life of yours, in the form of journals. There are loads of apps in this category, but we have tried to select the best and relevant ones which would serve a good purpose.

Amazon Window Shop – Free

Amazon Windowshop iOS App Product Amazon Windowshop iPad App Browse

Amazon Windowshop iPad App Menu Amazon Windowshop iPad App

This app would not fail to impress you, because you would get the entire amazon store in your fingertips which is remarkable. You’d be able to visit the entire superstore, and browse the categories and much more. With this app, there is no need for you to go out and visit stores, and even the pricing is better online for most things, then why shop outside? You can touch and swipe through all that Amazon has to offer. With this app you can check out the bestsellers and also the recommended products and much more in seconds. Just a tap and it would bring you the high definition photographs of the product and that’s just amazing. It is a really helpful shopping app.
The listings in the same category can be pulled up and down to produce a new listing, making it easier for you to navigate and get mesmerized by the loads of products that are available on Amazon. This is a free app so you may download it for any time usage.

Download Amazon Windowshop App for iOS – Link

Cards – Free

Cards App iOS envelope Cards App iPad

This is an interesting app, which allows you to create fun greeting cards for your loved ones. The best part is that you can customize the picture and text in the greeting card. This app would be of much use during the festive period when you’ve got loads of cards to send to different people. The cards which you order would be made out of pure cotton paper and imprinted with an elegant debossed design. You won’t be left out of the loop anymore after you download this app. There are loads of themes for your cards. Send your greeting card to anyone across the planet, the service is just that good. All your cards would be saved automatically and would be present in the history list. This app would be useful during the festive season, if not now. So download this awesome app and never be left out of your family and friends.

The original cards are made using 100% cotton, and one can send the card within U.S. for $2.99, while the same to be sent anywhere else in the world would cost $4.99. You don’t need to have a separate account, but the standard Apple ID and Password entered would give you all the access. This app is available for free on the App store.

Download Cards App for iOS – Link

Day One – Journal – $5 / Rs. 270

One Day - Journal app entries One Day - Journal app

This is a wonderful journal app to chronicle your life. Many people don’t seem to know how important this journal is, this is something you should download and would help you in every step of your life. There is a useful 4 digit password option which you could just type it in and tap the plus button and attach a photo (optional) and type away. This app keeps track of everything you write and it also keeps track of how many posts you have in each category. If you are a person, who forgets to write your journal then there is an option to set an alarm and it would remind you. Attaching a picture would make every step of your daily journal a pleasure to go through. You could even save the time at which the photo was taken and even the weather of the place in which the photo was taken. This is an app which makes your daily digital journal keeping a joy to perform. There is no way a paper journal can even compete with this. This is one of the best digital journal apps out there, and its surely worth a download.

Purchase the One Day – Journal iOS App – Link

Louvre HD – Free

Louvre HD App iPad options Louvre HD App iPad sketch

Louvre HD App iPad Time Louvre HD App iPad

If there is an art lover in you, then you probably shouldn’t miss out on this nice app which would satisfy your art cravings. This app lists more than 700 paintings in your fingertips. The beautiful work of Da Vinci, Goya, Rembrandt all in your reach, all their work are featured in this remarkable app. Not all of us can travel to France to witness these great paintings, this app will show us the best paintings in the world right in your iDevice.this app requires iOS 4.0 or above to run. This app has practically every painting displayed in the Louvre Museum in France. The interface is user friendly. There is an option to browse the paintings according to the centuries, which is good. If you are a true art lover I’m sure you won’t regret downloading this nice art gallery app.

Download Louvre HD app for iOS – Link


Maxjournal calendar iOS Maxjournal App for iOS

This is one of the easy ways of making journals or diary entries with many features like adding photos and scrapbooking. Everything is easy to use and navigate, and one can add up to 30 photos per journal entry, and everything can be changed and modified. You may be able to secure the journal entries using password protection, and there are fullscreen views for the calendar entries and there is quick access possible into the different modes like the Yearly, Monthly and Weekly journal modes. You may export the entries in various formats, and this makes it easier for someone to print them and keep them saved as hard copies too.

Download Maxjournal App for iOS – Link

Well, these are our picks of the best lifestyle apps for the iPhone, iPad and also the iPad Mini. All though there are a lot of lifestyle apps out there, these were really unique. Check these apps out, and if you are wondering for something in the other categories, check out the best photo editing apps and the best news apps for the iOS devices.

Article Contributed by Mathew Abraham

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