Best Free and Paid News Reading & Feed Apps for the Apple iPhone, iPad and iPad Mini

news apps iosWe have a variety of apps which are meant for news reading. Some of them are paid apps and some of them are free. Although there are probably hundreds of news apps out there, only a few are good. We have picked the best out of these hundreds of apps which are available for download. These news apps are either directly from a news source, or you can have your own favorite feeds added to one of the apps where the data gets automatically updated whenever there is any news coming in.

The Apple App Store has got the apps based on the device, i.e. if it”s an iPad we are talking about, the app is different because of the screen size and orientation, while it is different when it”s an iPhone or iPod touch.

Following are a few excellent apps, both Paid and Free ones which are the best in the category of apps for the News reading:

Instapaper – $5

Instapaper iPad App Instapaper iPad

This is a paid app, but its worth it. This unique app allows you to save web articles to read later. You could just send web articles you like to Instapaper to read later. This brilliant app costs $4.99 dollars, but its really worth it. It”s a simple to tool to save web pages for reading later. The app was released in 2010 but since then, it has had many bug fixes and its a much better app with much more options than its first release. There is an option to sign up for Instapaper from the app itself so there is no need to go throughout the web browser to create an account. If you want to see the saved articles you could just tap “Read Later” icon and voila! it comes out. Using Instapaper you can send your saved articles to anyone via email, Facebook, Evernote, Tumblr, Twitter and Pinboard. There is also a section named “The Feature” where all the brilliant articles saved are present. So I”d say this app is worth every buck you spend on it.

Check Instapaper App on the Apple App Store – Link

Reeder For iPad – $5

Reeder iPad app Reeder ipad portrait

This is a nice app which is synced to your google reader account and is highly useful. The interface is nice and its developers have put a lot of effort into this one to create this awesome app. The speed at which this app functions is just awe inspiring. There is a simple icon to view all the unread articles, just tap that and its done. Just pinch the article to open it up and also the articles are present in little thumbnails casino online which is good. Although its a powerful app a beginner might just find it hard or confusing at the start, but its easy as you get accustomed. There are options to mark it as unread if you want to check the article out later, also there is an option to star the article to mark it as important. This is an great app for reading, so do check it out.

Check Reeder for iPad on App Store: Link

Flipboard – Free

Flipboard categories Flipboard Cover Stories

Flipboard iPad APp Flipboard settings

This is just one epic app, which could just become your favourite social and news app. This app is also unique. It has grow to a considerable extent after its release. On Flipboard”s main page there are boxes where you add content and its shows different category ranging from Art and Design to Tech. Tapping a content box would open a print style page with a top story and two three more at the bottom. The interface is just fantastic with easy usage and also its unbelievably fast. The wide range of topics in this app is sure to make you addicted to this app. One of the most unique things about this app is also that you could just add your Facebook account to this app and it would arrange your Facebook feed and stories like magazines and this app would do that very attractively which is jut brilliant. There is a similar thing for twitter as well, so it functions like your own gossip magazine with your friends. The most amazing thing that I”ve found with this app is how things are arranged so beautifully and it might even beat Facebook on how the stories are arranged, you could practically read Facebook like a magazine and that”s needless to say fabulous.

Check Flipboard for iOS on App Store: Link

BBC News – Free

BBC News App BBC News Sharing

This is an awesome news app and what I love about this app is that its completely free and is just a joy to read because the news is arranged in a systematic and easy to read way. Most other major news journal apps advise saying that they”re app is free but most people don”t understand that they need to pay for the subscription and in that way BBC is just too good. This app is available and is compatible with the iPad, iPhone and also the iPad Mini. The first page welcomes you with all the breaking news and at first there were complaints about the app being a bit bad graphics for the iPhone but then it was fixed and now runs smoothly. You can view news according to your desired category and there is also a nice live stream for the BBC News to which you can just tune in. You can swipe to switch between articles which is a really useful tweak. So I”d say this is a news app which is worth downloading and you can get all the latest news updates from the worldwide news company BBC right at your fingertips. So go ahead and download this app.

Check the BBC News app for iPad on App Store: Link

The Early Edition 2 – $5

The Early Edition 2 app The Early Edition 2

This is another nice news app which can sync to your Google Reader and the app functions fast even with a large number of feeds. Within minutes the app would be set up after you first download it and then you can flip through the latest headlines with ease. There is an option to see the last time you synced your app and also there is a way to see the words that are trending in your “issue” and there is an option to search your posts and also you can save your searches which is really unique. Although the App Store is just getting flooded by the increasing number of RSS readers there aren”t many which stand out, but this app like Reeder stand out and this is because of its awesome features. Although the first page is good, there are some faults too the other pages seem to be a little top crowded as if many news have been crammed into a page and that”s something which doesn”t aid in reading your news. There are a good number of shortcuts to make your browsing just too good and easy you may not want to miss out on this amazing app because its one of the best readers available right now.

Check The Early Edition 2 App on the Apple App Store: Link

So this is our collection of the best paid and free news apps for the iPhone, iPad and also the iPad Mini. All these apps have many uses and you”d find out more about it when you start using it, there might be many features that are not given here but I”m sure you will learn to use that with time. Check the list of Best photo editing apps for iOS devices.

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