The 7 Best Games and Gaming Apps for the Apple iPad and iPad Mini

If you are a person who loves games and you’ve got an iPad or the iPad Mini, then you really need to check these games out because this game would give you the best entertainment for at least once. All these games are worth playing, so go ahead and check these out.

Ghost Trick – Free

Ghost Trick Game iPad Ghost Trick iPad App

This is a puzzle type of game, the animation in this game is kind of cool and amazing so if you are a cartoon or anime fan then you’d enjoy this game the most. The iPad touch screen will make the game even more enjoyable and entertaining. The selection of music in this game is kind of fantastic. It was first released as a Nintendo DS title and not much time has passed since it had come into the iPad. There are thousands of fans for this game, and some even claim its addictive. The puzzles area something you’d love in this game and also the character animation is smooth and delightful.

Download Ghost Trick Game for iPad – Link

Infinity Blade – Free

Infinity Blade iPad Game Infinity Blade iPad

If you love games with duels and fights then this is a game for you. The graphics on this game is just too good and also the storyline is kind of good. Fight with humongous ogres and demonic knights, and this game is sure to make you addictive to it. You can go on playing this game for hours on and you wouldn’t get bored because the game is that exciting. The quest is pretty short and its fairly easy to complete. The game mechanics are fantastic too. If you are a gamer who likes games that are a bit adventurous and also action packed then this game will suit you. The game is sure to make you float into the game. So check this awesome game out.

Download Infinity Blade Game for iPad – Link

Mirrors of Albion – Free

Mirrors of Albion iPad Game Mirros of Albion

Although the game is kind of cheesy and lacks the ‘explosive’ effect, the game is kind of great to play. The gameplay isn’t bad and the Alice in wonderland story is rather amazing if you are a young person. If you are a person who loves games which are fancy and are not that real then you’d love this game. The game might bore you out if you don’t pay attention to the slightest of details in the game because in this game it all matters. This game is perfect for gamers who are young.

Download Mirrors of Albion iPad Game – Link

Sword & Sworcery – $4.99

Superbrothers - Sword & Sworcery EP Superbrothers Sword and Sworcery EP Game iPad

This game is like a quest, and indeed as all quests its exciting and enjoyable. The grainy impressionistic art in this game is kind of astounding and thrilling. The game is presented in a lovely way to give the gamer the most fun and excitement. The gameplay is a bit slow and time consuming which is not suitable for gamers who like fast paced action. You are asked to explore and meander in this game and exploring is more important than winning battles.

Purchase and Download Sword & Sworcery iPad Game – Link

Mirrors Edge – $0.99

Mirrors Edge iPad Game Mirrors Edge iPad

This is an action packed game which is suitable for people of all ages. The quests is interesting and also the activities to do in this game is quite large. The fighting is amazing and the cool moves are fun and enjoyable. If you have ever wondered how it feels to jump from the roof of one building to another then in this game you can do it. The graphics is average. Climb buildings and slide down the ropes and a lot more in this unique game.

Purchase and Download Mirrors Edge iPad Game – Link

SpellTower – $2

SpellTower Game for iPad SpellTower iPad Game

If you are a person who loves scrabbles and jumbled words and verbs,nouns and lot more, then you’d be able to enjoy this game the most. The game is sure to improve your vocabulary as well as learn to speak English in a lot better way. The interface of this game is nice and also the music is kind of sweet to your ears. There is a tutorial if you want to learn about the game before you start playing it. There are multiple miles to play and this is a game that you won’t regret downloading.

Purchase and Download SpellTower iPad Game – Link

Beat Sneak Bandit – $2.99 / Rs. 170

Beat Sneak Bandit iPad App Beat Sneak Bandit

If you love to dance or if you love funky music then you should play this game because this game has got it all. You feel as if you r fingers are dancing and this game is sure to be a very good entertaining game. The quest is to reclaim the the timepieces of a hapless town after they’ve been abducted by the evil Duke Clockface. The bandit can only move in time with each level’s music, the navigation of the structure of the clockface mansion is just too tricky and also confusing. This is a game which you would love playing in your free time.

Purchase Beat Sneak Bandit iPad Game – Link

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