GarageBand ’08 – An Apple iLife Application

GarageBand is an excellent software application that allows users to create music or podcasts. It comes with three awesome features: Audio Recording, Virtual software instruments, and MIDI eapple garagebandditing.
The Audio Recording feature allows you to record and play back multiple tracks of audio. It has a fantastic built in audio filters which allows the audio track to be enhanced for recording instruments like a guitar.

GarageBand can also play virtual software instruments which can come in handy when you are creating or playing music without a band. It can play 50 sampled or synthesized instruments which can be played using a MIDI keyboard connected to the computer, or by using an on-screen virtual keyboard. Another neat feature with GarageBand is that you can import MIDI files and offers piano roll or notation-style editing and playback. This is amazing and should keep those music officials entertained for hours at a time. Too bad it cannot export MIDI files.

Although GarageBand is an excellent application to have for quick recording, it cannot play new tunes. If you want to get royalty-free audio samples with GarageBand ’08, you’ll have to pay $99 for each of five Jam Packs. If you are a serious music hobbyists or a pro I recommend not getting GarageBand but rather get richer application like Ableton Live, Propellerhead Reason, or Adobe Audition.

The easy to use interface allows you to easily create and play around with virtual instruments. It allows you to learn more about creating music as well. Music students for example can benefit big time from this software application. Overall I think that GarageBand is great for those who love music and want to create music simply with a click of a button.


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