How to get a Google wave invite? Patience + Luck

Google wave preview invites were sent out today and I had got one, and the craze to crave for an invite by everyone is such that most of them are falling into the hands of scammers and just wasting their time expecting an invite from people who are just promising the invites for some service/payment done for them!

Twitter is full of wave business, where people are trying to get loads of followers promising wave invites which is not possible right now, as the invites are not instantly sent and there are just 8 nominations given to every member who has an account. The nominations would be accepted by Google some time later and the invites would be sent.

Here are a few good examples of how twitter is being just flooded with the –

Fake invite promises and contests!

tweet follow wave

tweet wave invites

And this is an account dedicated just for Google wave invites and has 650 followers already, but am sure none of them would get an invite through this account –

google wave invites twitter

Here is a website dedicated just for Google wave invites, another big fail.

Actual way to get the invites

  • google wave logoFill this form and officially sign-up and wait till Google announces and send out the new invites very soon
  • Fill this form to sign-up as a developer for Google wave tool
  • Ask a friend who can actually send you an invite if he has any available, and don’t just ask someone who wants you to do something for the invite, which won’t be sent ever!

Also, if you already have a wave account then it would be good if you send a couple invite nominations to any other gmail accounts of yours, so that you can have more invites in the near future and actually help your friends with more invites!

And btw I have got a few invites, and my brother Amit Bhawani too has got a few Google wave invitations, for which the nominations would be sent for selected people. So just had to tell be Patient and try your luck that’s it!

Here are a few Google wave tips and tricks for those who have the Google wave account and need some tips on how to get going!


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