Goodbye Steve, iOwe You These Few Words

Steve, you were and still would be the greatest inspirations in my life. You left behind, a world of technology which revolved only around you. You left behind, those keynotes where no one else can bring the anticipation in people. You left behind, the greatest products of the world which can never be imagined, designed and made by anyone else. You left behind, the inspirations which would be carried along the generations and people would learn how one can turn the world around them.

Pirates of the Silicon Valley, the movie which turned my mind, which made me read so many articles about Steve, the hero who I didn’t know much about till a year back. This would be one of my saddest days, seeing him leave the world where one of the biggest brands in the world, Apple, used to rely on the minds and thoughts of him. Tim Cook, the new CEO too knows what Apple has lost today. One won’t call it a mistake to call Steve a crazy man to decide things and think that he could bring a change in the world, because, he actually did that.

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For every Apple event, I use to prepare myself as if I was going to sit a few meters away from Steve and watch him directly when he delivers the keynote, but this time, it was Tim Cook delivering the speech, and the interest wasn’t the same. Why? Some of Steve’s lines and the way he addresses the keynote, gave goosebumps. Every tech blogger, including me, would care about writing the fastest about what was going on in the event. But whenever it was Steve on the stage, I used to stop till his talk ends. I wouldn’t miss it. I drew inspiration from it. I used to think, how can one become so strong and influential.

Every time I used to watch the commencement speech by Steve in Stanford, it again gave me goosebumps. Steve would be unforgettable. Some people bring it in themselves from the time they are born, but most of those don’t take it to the next level. Steve is the other type, he has seen every stage in his life, the worst and the best. Be that anyone, we would have decided to lead a life under cover after being removed out of a company which we started, and we would have never have the guts to create something competing enough again.. but Steve did that. He always knew what he was doing. In my friends slam books, you would see Steve as my inspiration.. its no one else but Steve who could change everything.
Every time whenever I read the news that Steve was ill, on a medical leave or hospitalized, I used to see how the social networks had just the news of Steve and nothing else around. Twitter went down several times, Facebook had just stories of him.. would that be anyone else, I would have logged out and ignored the stories. But Steve, every news of yours gave me a lot of interest to check how the world revolved around you. Now, as you left us, everything is gone. I just have to say a big Thank You for bringing so many things to this world.

I would miss Steve a lot, I would miss his stage appearances, I would miss his innovations, I wish his soul rests in peace.

P.S. Here are a few things about Steve Jobs – Timeline, Things to Know!


  1. To Me he was Einstein reincarnated.

  2. Goodbye Steve will miss your innovations for sure.

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