Google Gmail widget in Macbook dashboard

Gmail from google, one of the best email service like Yahoo, is available as a widget for Dashboard in Apple Macbooks, called Gmail widget.
Its just a simple widget that shows the latest 10 unread mail messages that our gmail account has received.

One of the widget products from Google, which has a search option of gmail in the application.
The below screenshot explains everything –

Gmail macbook widget

There was lately a bug reported from saying –

One e-mail with the right JavaScript in the subject header was enough to take over the recipient’s computer, if that recipient was running the Gmail widget. Google has now fixed the problem in this widget.

Has options of having or not having snippets in the widget, or can show the mails related to only a single keyword.
The .zip file for widget is of 158kb and requires Mac OS X 10.4 or later version of Macbook.


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