Google+ (Google Plus) for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch – iOS Devices

Google Plus a.k.a. Google+ is as of now limited to the web and Google being pretty fast with the stuff, they have already submitted the applications for approval in the Apple App Store. The Android app for Google+ is already available but the iOS device users need to wait for their favorite app store to approve the apps, so that the new social network from Google can be accessed and used through the mobile phones.

Here are the couple screenshots of the iPhone Google Plus, which looks pretty attractive and again, very tough against the rival Facebook. Facebook for the iPhone and Android too are sleek and easy to navigate, so Google didn’t miss a chance in making the Google+ app with an easy to use interface.

google plus iphone google plus ios phone

You have all the options that are usually available in the Google Plus, the original web version but have to compromise with the stuff such as the Hangouts with multiple video chats together etc. and we are sure Google would be adding that soon, but till then the design and interface won’t be pretty bad.
We are waiting too, with the iPhone and iPad ready to download the Google+ app, but it is waiting the approval for Android app. We would update the post as soon as the app is available for download.

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