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Google reader on the web through browser is always a good reader service but the main problem that people face is the navigation, which is limited just to up and down, and no direct jumping options to particular posts. But there is an Adobe air application that can help with better navigation.

readair logoReadair is an adobe air application which runs on both Mac and Windows OS which have the Adobe Air app installed in them. And its an awesome application which has the following features –

  • Shows the unread items count in Dock in mac
  • Mac themed scrollbars and form elements
  • Totally synchronized with the Google reader account
  • Tags integration with which you can add/remove or manage tags and categorize the blog feeds
  • Subscription/Unsubscription option from feeds
  • Search your feeds for anything in particular
  • The viewing browser is resizable and customizable
  • Auto login and auto software update options

readair google reader

Earlier we shared the free RSS reader and organizer for mac named NewsFire, and it works perfectly and is similar to Readair, but Readair is an app which works with Google reader account and syncs with it. But NewsFire is an application that runs independently with no synchronization.

Number of unread items for each feed are also displayed and total number displayed in the dock. You can directly jump to a blog post from title for a particular feed which is not there in Google reader in browsers.
Check out more and download at Readair Google Code.


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