Google wave Guide – how-to tips and tricks

google wave logoGoogle wave preview tool has lot to say about what it is going to be in the future and it has some excellent features and is totally a collaboration of various tools and features. A wave is a message that you create with everything that you want to include – Text, formatted with HTML, images, videos, maps etc.
Also you can search for images, videos etc. within the wave using the Google search option in it, and just select the result and add it into the wave. I am

Here are a few tips and tricks of the Google wave tool for those who got the invites and wondering how to use it –

Create a new wave

Just hit the New Wave button in the Inbox section and the box for wave creation opens. You can enlarge the box, make it occupy the whole page when creating the wave.

google wave create

Embed content in the wave

Embedding content includes embedding images, books results, web results, videos and other stuff like Maps, flash player etc. In the wave compose zone, hit the G+ button and the box for search of web, images, videos, books etc. appears which you can search for and include in the wave instantly.

google wave search images

Embed maps and locations in the wave

You can embed map with a particular location, or can also pin up location points in your map to locate your business etc. and share it. You can create copy on the map or can copy the same map location to a new wave.

google wave include map

Reply to a wave

When you receive a wave, you can reply to it by hitting the reply button there are different options for you to reply, like replying to the whole wave just like a conversation, or by just replying to some text within the wave.

google wave reply
google wave insert reply

Adding wave contacts

As of now, I have not seen any other way than just adding the contact email address directly, and in wave, you can’t add any normal gmail address but the user should have email address. Check one that i added to contacts –

google wave add contact

Ping, create or view user’s waves

Just hover over a contact in your google wave account, and you can do one of the following –
Create a new wave to that user
Ping the contact
View the user’s recent waves

google wave contacts added

This was the Part 1 of the tips and tricks. Soon will post more tips as I explore more about the Google wave tool. Check the first hands-on review and chance for you to get invites for Google wave.


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