Google wave preview – First View hands-on

google wave logoGoogle wave is a new tool from Google for real time communication collaboration. It has everything that a user would require to combine both work, friends and networking together. Text, photos, videos, maps and everything included in a single platform = Google Wave

The present invites are sent for just the Preview of Google wave, and not a beta or not a public version of the Google wave tool. The page has 3 columns, left panel having contacts panel, middle one is the inbox and right one being the edit box right now, from where you can learn what to do on Google wave to use to the fullest.

google wave preview

The search options helps you search for waves and contacts, and also from the inbox section, you can create a new wave but its not useful right now in the preview version. When multiple users are editing a single wave at the same time, its called a blip and you all can see the live changes being done by any user in the text, photos and any other documents within the blips.

Loved the way you can minimize the modules, move them here and there, making the box of wave creator bigger and occupy the whole page and making all other modules minimized on the top of the page. But things are still limited this being the preview yet.

google wave create

I have got 3 invites available which might still increase as we expect, but you can get the invites sent by me within 2 days as Google does not send the invite instantly but will take some time to send the invite to each applicant. Consider yourself lucky enough if you got the invite. Just answer to this couple questions and best 3 will get the invites –
– Do you think Google wave will be able to beat all the Social networks at present?
– Why do you want to preview Google wave?

Comment and expect an invite. There are more invites available at my brother’s blog where you can win them too.

google wave invites


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