Graphic Converter – Advanced Photo Editing Tool for MAC

Graphic converter is an advanced photo editing tool that can import a wide range of around 200 graphics based formats, has the capability to edit the images and also powers batch conversion capabilities with up to whopping 80 file formats for a complete visually appealing experience.

The best part of the Graphic converter is that it’s even compatible with the plug ins of Adobe Photoshop like slide show and more.  What else could you ask for? This all new Graphic converter 7 comes bundled with an improved looks and also with great complemented with a decent price tag.

Graphic converter has been launched in the latest version 7. The latest version includes new features like one can scale image to 1080p with and without border added plus also Japanese, French, Italian and Portuguese localizations has been added. There also have been bug fixes done like one can rotate with line bug for angles greater than 45 degrees and also a bug in convert/modify function has been fixed.

We expected the user interface to get a face lift towards the simpler side in its latest version 7 but it disappointed us as it just failed to satisfy the ever growing feature set. With still an updated version there still remains the bug, the main as well as a trial version has a short startup delay and a nag-screen during the batch conversion process. Several Preferences have been revamped to make usage simpler but still the preferences are not worked upon well.

In addition to the new user interface in the latest Graphic Converter with version 7 also offers a new window for multiple conversion as well as step less zooming of preview images in the browser for better and simpler visual experience. With not many changes in the new version, the new version also displays geo data for images on a map. Lemke Software says that four programmers spent almost a year in redesigning both application’s browser as well as its dialog boxes.

GC 7

Team lemke soft, who is the creator of this software Graphic converter also worked on the zoom capability as previously we had only option to zoom no more 125%, 200%, 300% views, but now smooth zoom option has been inducted in the latest version 7.

This software comes free to try but will cost around 35 $ if you are planning to buy this software. This software is supported on all Mac OS with versions 10.5 and above. If you want to try this software for FREE then download it from here.

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  1. Being added up with the plugins that are available for Adobe photoshop, this graphic converter looks pretty promising.

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