Guide: How to fund for the latest Apple iPhone 5

Apple iPhone 5There are many gadgets being upgraded every day, in which the iPhone 5 is the most awaited one. Apple has integrated even better features into its latest model, making it difficult for competitors to cope with their hard work. The main reasons behind the success of the iPhone 5 are down to the upgraded specifications listed below:

Design: It’s one of the smart phones with the iOS 6th version; a highly advanced operating system. And the sleek dimensions make it look really tempting with 4.87 inches height, 2.31 inches width and 0.30 inches depth. It only weighs 112 grams too.

Display: The 4 inch screen makes things look even better with 640 by 1136 pixels. The density of these pixels is 326 which offer a crystals clear view. It needs to be specified that the screen is multi touch with both light and proximity sensor.

Camera: It possesses a camera with 8 megapixels LED flash and the front camera with 1.2 megapixels for video calling.

Multimedia: Audio formats ranging from 8 to 320 kbps AAC, MP3 including VBR AIFF and WAV are supported. There is a filtering feature with YouTube as well.

Browsing: The browser used is in HTML5 format that provides YouTube uploading facility.

Hardware specifications: Dual core processor, 16 GB built-in memory storage with the upgraded features of previous versions accelerates its speed.

Knowing these features, it is natural to become tempted and want to get one. Although the only factor that limits you from getting one is your lack of funds; but they can be gained through the sources mentioned below.

Before going for any of the below mentioned factors, you need to research the gadget market in order to know the exact price of the phone. Acknowledge all the additional features that are offered by different retailers.

  • Merchant’s agreement: There are many features such as paying a monthly EMI to the retailer for the gadget that you have restored instead of paying the entire amount. This way the burden will be reduced, however the price may be slightly higher than the actual cost.
  • Exchange offer: You can get results of the exchange offer available by the merchants in order to buy the new phone. The cost won’t be the same as the value of the gadget that you are exchanging but this will be deducted on the overall price. This way you just need pay the remaining balance.
  • Short term loans: Short term payday loans are the top prioritized ones that are secured by many customers to meet their needs as they provide instant cash assistance. The loan amount can be repaid early will increase credit score.
  • Family and friends: They are the first ones to come into your mind when you are in need. So you can borrow money from them in order to meet your requirements and can be repaid as per the convenience.

About the Author: Aron is a consultant in one of the leading companies that provides payday loans to the ones who would need it at their best times.


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