Best Health Related Accessories for the Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung Galaxy S4 was launched with a good list of health based accessories which would serve a good purpose for those who are trying to get a good body shape and maintain good fitness. These accessories have nothing new as a concept in the health care devices, as they do the same job which many other such devices do, but when you are planning to purchase a smartphone, having compatible accessories would make things easier and better.

The various accessories of the Samsung Galaxy S4 which would be helpful in the healthcare are listed below.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Health Accessories

S Band

This small accessory similar to the smart watches from many big brands, does the job of calculation of burning calories while tracking your activity. It doesn’t end the job at tracking the work during day time, but also monitors your sleep by calculating the movements while you sleep, and gives out the results in the form of Sleep Efficiency. It would help the swimmers track their activity, as it is a water resistant accessory to 10m. Samsung has made the S Band compatible with the Samsung Galaxy S4 through the S-Health 2.0 app, to keep the recorded data synced.

Heart Rate Monitor – HRM

The Heart Rate Monitor is another band accessory for the S4 which would track the heart rate of a person, and gives the real-time data syncing it with the smartphone. It would come to the perfect use for people who are regularly doing exercises, so that they can modify the exercise based on the heart rate. This accessory is said to be compatible with the S-Health app and the Running Mate app for the Galaxy S4.

Body Scale

The Body Scale is a weight monitor which sends the data through Bluetooth just like the other accessories, and it measures the weight and helps people keep a track of the weight with timely checks, and the data is sent to the phone after the weight is measured and it can have up to 7 profiles stored.

Apart from these, Samsung has come up with many other accessories like the Game Pad, the Wireless Charger, the cases and pouches, Extra battery kit etc. but what we are impressed with, is the health based accessories which would come handy in many ways for everyone in the family. Check for the Samsung Galaxy S4 features to know why this smartphone could be one of the best in the present competition.

The Galaxy S4 price in India is going to be around Rs. 44,999 and it is going to be available in the month of May 2013.

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