How to Auto Answer Calls on iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS

iPhone users have always wanted an Auto answer facility on their phones and i have always seen requests by users in iPhone message boards for Auto Answer feature for iPhone by apple. You can avail this feature if you have Jailbroken your iPhone.

Requirements to install Auto Answer app in your iPhone:

  • Jailbroken iPhone with iOS 3.0 or later
  • Cydia Installed in your Jailbroken iPhone
  • You can also directly download from the Cydia in iPhone
  • If you are using 3G or Wifi – you can get all the features


  • This AutoAnswer App can be setup to automatically answer both voice calls and FaceTime calls.
  • The ability to auto answer FaceTime calls makes this App useful for unattended video conferences
  • This App also helps you in remote area surveillance

How to Install and Use Auto Answer App:

  • Open Cydia and then go to the Search in the bottom right of the screen and type Auto Answer in the search boxautoanswer-cydia
  • Then you will be getting the results and you have to Purchase the App to install it in your iPhone
  • After you have installed the App you will be directed to the App main pageautoanswer
  • You will be seeing tabs which lets you switch on and off Auto Answer feature, In Stealth Mode.
  • You can choose 3 numbers in your Auto Answer option.

How to Hide Auto Answer option from settings:

In the Auto Answer App you will be seeing an Stealth Mode option which should be turned on to hide the Auto answer options from your Settings page.

How to Access Auto Answer in Stealth Mode:

  • The only way to access Auto Answer App is by dialing ***** (5 stars) and pressing the Call button
  • You can change this password in my preferences
  • If you forget the password, you need to type the first 5 digits of your Phone’s IMEI in your iPhone and press the call button.
  • This will reset the password and all your settings.
  • You can find your phone’s IMEI by dialing: *#06#

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