How to Automatically Reply to SMS in iPhone

If u were in a meeting or in a class and you got a message from someone and you had to respond immediately but couldnt respond due to the circumstances, here is the solution to your problem.

Jailbroken App: “AutoResponder”

This app will automatically reply to all of your incoming text messages while you are busy doing something important.

You can  choose some of the already available messages or you can create your custom reply message

Auto Responder will essentially act same as your voice message system. It will respond to your text messages with a response which you might have saved or select the existing one “ I am in a meeting “ or “I am driving”.

You can get this App from the Cydia App Store. This app is available only with Cydia so this means that you need to have a jailbroken iPhone.


  • Jailbroken iPhone
  • Cydia installed in your Jailbroken iPhone

How to Install and Use :

  • As already mentioned to download  AutoResponder you need a Jailbroken iPhone with Cydia
  • Launch Cydia in your Jailbroken iPhone
  • Install and Download the App, which will cost you $1.49
  • This App cannot be seen as an icon on your screen, instead you will have to go to Settings on your iPhone screen and scroll down until you come across the auto responder option.
  • After you have clicked on the App and opened the App you will be seeing 3 options
  • Enabled – to switch On or Off the Auto responder App
  • Log while Off– This options enables you to chose if the senders from the texts coming in will be logged on or not while Auto Responder is OFF. It is recommended to keep this off unless
  • Message: This message lets you type a Custom Message to be sent to your contacts when you receive a message.

So this is an easy to use and useful app which can be available in Cydia

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